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Mo Olajide is a nurse and has been looking for a doctor for her family since she moved to London in September 2021. Another constituent emailed me on Friday; she’s pregnant and needs regular care. Some 60,000 older Canadians are the victims of neglect, financial, psychological, physical and institutional abuse. Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario works very hard to help older Canadians escape abuse.

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I would like to share my time this afternoon with the member from Haliburton–Kawartha Lakes–Brock. Mines are so large, and for a lot of places—I can argue, most places—it’s the centre of commerce. Thank you to the member from Sudbury for an excellent presentation on the government’s bill, An Act to amend the Mining Act.

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This can last a little over two hours, and while this may sound a bit unpleasant initially, the lengthy questionnaire is actually a godsend. This process allows you to match with people who will understand you on a mental, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional level. Figure 5.A fictitious viral tree with 14 viral genomes taken at different times shown as part of OTU names.

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I want to pick up on the thing that we talked about—when companies that we say are “too big to fail” actually do fail, and who pays the price. Often, in the chamber, when I talk about my dad, I’m actually talking about my stepdad. My parents were divorced when I was pretty young. My mom met my stepdad when I was—probably a couple of years before I met him. When I was 16 years old, my mom and my stepdad began dating and then moved in together and lived in sin until she was in her 70s.

On this fundamental task, there’s near-universal agreement that this government has failed over and over and over again. Thank you to the member from Niagara West for his question. I want to assure everyone listening today that the Ontario agri-food sector continues to be a number one priority for our government.

Without a family doctor, she has no choice but to keep going to the ER for all monitoring and follow-up care. —Talk4Healing, which provides culturally responsive services for Indigenous women and their families in urban, rural, remote and First Nations communities. Last year, one person died every week from an opioid poisoning in the city of Peterborough.

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I am glad that he quoted some of the people on our side regarding the importance of mining. We’ve been focused on mining for a long time; it’s very important in our part of the world. We can’t wait 15 years for a mine to be sited. We all need to work together, and this piece of legislation is a step towards that.