How To Install An Aftermarket Car Stereo, Wiring Harness And Dash Kit

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Pull enough of the cable through so it reaches the battery. The number of panels you need to remove to take out the stereo head depends on the make and model of your vehicle. Remove the interior trim along the floor on both sides of the vehicle with a pry tool. A trim pry tool is a thin plastic piece you can slide underneath trim pieces to pop them off. Locate the trim panels along the sides of your vehicle on the floor and slide the pry tool underneath them.

Remove the Stereo From the Bracket

If you need to remove trim that includes any knobs or drawers, remove them before trying to pry off the trim. For some cars, you may need to remove several pieces of plastic trim, usually working from the bottom up. If you use bolts, make sure they are snugly tightened before reinstalling the trim.

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Make sure that you examine the harness before pulling on it. Be sure the harness you purchased fits the vehicle harness. If it doesn’t, take the radio to a car audio shop and have them locate the correct harness adapter. You’ll often see us note that a product “works with” your vehicle. This means that while it doesn’t necessarily fit in a factory location, it’s still designed to be compatible with your vehicle’s electronics or interior design. The KIT-MUS1 integration adapter has straightforward plug-in connectors for both the factory wiring harness of your Mustang and the iDatalink Maestro RR adaptor.

Connecting wire by soldering

Connect another piece of the red power cable to the other side of the fuse holder and tighten the screw. If your stereo doesn’t have RCA ports, then plug them into a line output converter, which changes the signal coming from your stereo. Follow the wiring diagram on the output converter to connect it to your stereo system before plugging the RCA cable into the ports. Connect the end of the ground cable to a bare metal bolt. Lift the carpet or trim near your amp and look for a bolt that has bare metal. Use the end of the ground cable that has a ring or bracket to attach to the bolt.

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Your installation kit will come with ring terminals, but you can buy them at automotive or electronics stores if you need to. Repeat the process with all of the other wires you’re connecting to your amp. Don’t run the RCA cables on the same side as the power cable since you may pick up audio interference when you’re running the amplifier. The color of the power cord may vary depending on the installation kit you purchased.

The yellow wire on a head unit is typically used for 12V memory, or “clock,” signals. This means that it helps preserve your station presets and other settings when the car’s ignition is turned off. In some cases, the yellow wire may also be used for tuner functions. For example, it may send a signal to the radio telling it to switch to a specific frequency range. Consult your car stereo’s owners manual to be sure what function the yellow wire performs in your specific mode. RCA cables are the insulated cables that transmit the sound signal from your head unit to the amp.

Connect the power cable into the port on your amp, and install a terminal on the other end. Finally, connect the terminal to your battery and link up your speakers to the amp. This wire is responsible for lighting up the dash and display when laymatures com browse you turn on your vehicle. The orange wire needs to be connected to a constant 12-volt supply. In most vehicles, the ignition switch is the perfect place for this connection. This wire provides power to the illumination system of your stereo.

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Car Stereo wiring diagram

Using the car stereo harness wiring diagram that Crutchfield supplies, you can match up the wires for each connection to the new stereo’s wiring harness. Once that’s done, you plug the other end of the harness into your car’s wiring connector . These harnesses usually include a color-coded wiring diagram for connecting the harness to your new stereo. Your new stereo will also include a radio wiring diagram in the owner’s manual. Refer to the two diagrams to confirm the car stereo wire colors that need to be connected to the adapter harness.